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Paypal Disputes can be very traumatic for many people who use Paypal, especially if you are a frequent seller on eBay and your livelihood depends on it
I am sure the scenario is familiar. You found this superb medium to offload items you no longer need
And for many you might have found a company willing to sell you items which you can sell on for profit
Or even dropship directly to the buyer without ever having to set eyes on the product
This is the reality for many sellers, powersellers and soon to be sellers on the fantastic meeting place for all kinds of buyers and sellers that is eBay

But there is a hidden sting in the tail for many sellers on eBay
Sooner or later or in many cases multiple times they will inevitably find themselves having to deal with a Paypal dispute
Paypal constantly changes the rules for sellers and the sole responsibility is on the seller to prove they sent the item, and that they item was as described
This they do with a demand for proof of postage that must be sent from a recognised courier that has tracking capabilities (if the item being posted is not worth being sent being sent via a delivery method that has tracking capabilities you can see why many sellers would rather refund than go through all this debacle).
Many have found themselves in a Paypal dispute and have been quick to refund the buyer simply because: What if you could get superb advice gathered from traders that have been on eBay and used Paypal for years, on how to handle a Paypal dispute, even on how to find places to fax for FREE without requiring a fax machine?
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