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Glee has got to be one of the best and unique musical soap operas on tv
And if you aren't a Glee Fan then you need to catch up on this fantastic show and join gleeks appreciating some of the best songs of our time reincarnated for a new audience
Not only does Glee pay tribute to nostalgic classics, it also opens up a whole new audience (and generation) to broadway classics such as Defying Gravity, from Season 1 Episode 1 to Season 2 Episode 1 all in it's own inimitable way
From the very talented singers, and actors and actresses such as Lea Michele (who plays Rachel) you will be hooked from the very first Episode
The magic of Glee is the great songs, and great acting, having a little for everyone, for those who reminiscience from the memories of the classics, to the new vigour and vitality displayed in the performances
It comes as no surprise that many of the tracks from Glee are in the top 75 singles charts
And it goes without saying, that they do not take anything from the original tracks they are based on
But are able to stand on their own, to the point that many fans prefer the Glee songs over the originals
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So if you are not a fan of this fantastic musical series, that has everything, from romance, comedy, and great tracks and performances, then catch up on all what people are talking about, and also get to win prizes for FREE, simply sign up with your details below
Glee club gifts for Gleeks Glee club gifts for Gleeks
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Glee club gifts for Gleeks
Glee club gifts for Gleeks